<DIV align=left><FONT face=Arial><FONT color=#000000><FONT class=Arial-13px00FF00b><STRONG>R-17D: </STRONG></FONT><FONT class=Arial-13pxFFFF00n>This 10mV +/- oxygen sensor has a 6 second response time and a 36 month life expectancy in air. This is the sensor used with the </FONT><FONT class=Arial-13px00FF00n>“</FONT><FONT class=Arial-13pxFFFFFFb><STRONG>El Cheapo I & II</STRONG></FONT><FONT class=Arial-13pxFFFF00n>” Oxygen Analyzers and other commercial analyzers such as the </FONT><FONT class=Arial-13pxFFFFFFb><STRONG>MSA Mini Ox, Vandergraph VN202 and Dive Rite VTI Oxygen Analyzer</STRONG></FONT><FONT class=Arial-13pxFFFF00n>. It is also the sensor used in the <STRONG>CIS-Lunar MK-5 Rebreather</STRONG>.  This sensor uses a mono-plug connector and has a hydrophobic membrane.</FONT></FONT></FONT></DIV>

R-17S Oxygen Sensor

R-17S sensor is designated for "Surface use only" by Teledyne.

R-17S Oxygen Sensor
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