Over The Shoulder (OTSCL) Counterlungs for Inspo/Evo - COMPLETE Kit

Over The Shoulder (OTSCL) Counterlungs for Inspo/Evo - COMPLETE Kit

Over The Shoulder (OTS) Counterlungs for Inspiration or Evolution CCR

Hoses attach to supplied T-pieces

Includes HH MAVs and ADV (will not fit Inspo MAV and ADV)

  • Includes O2 and Dil MAVs and plunger style ADV
  • attached with Fastex releases for easy removal. Adjustable in the front and back for precise positioning
  • set of Velcro loops on underside for precise routing over the shoulders
  • built-in weight pocket
  • dump valve/OPV at the bottom of exhale lung for flood recovery
  • rock solid construction
    • Cover: Outer abrasion resistant shell made from Cordura 2000
    • Bladder : inner bladder made from RF welded CORDURA 560 with PU coating. It resists hydrolysis, low temperatures, and hydrocarbons.

ADV and MAVs are included. 

Weight pockets and attachment points on the inside of the CLs 

Select Standard (nut and nipple) or Low Profile (LP) T-pieces


with Low Profile T-pieces
Low Profile (LP) T-Pieces have hoses attached with hose clamps for secure connection and more streamlined configuration. LP T-pieces also eliminate four connection points
Price: $980.00
with Regular T-pieces (nut and nipple)
Standard T-pieces have nuts and nipples so hoses can be disconnected at the T-pieces for easy drying and cleaning
Price: $990.00

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