Shrimp BOV for Inspo/Evo

Shrimp BOV for Inspo/Evo

Ultracompact high performing Universal Dive Surface Valve / Open Circuit regulator (BOV) for AP Inspiration/Evolution rebreathers with bayonet hose attachments (thread our bayonet nipple to AP nipple/nut hose assembly and lock onto the BOV).
The Golem Shrimp BOV can be also configured with P-port to fit Draeger Panorama Nova R full face mask (sold separately) or to Kirby Morgan MK-48 with a standard mouthpiece. 

Shrimp BOV features:

  • ball valve for smooth single-handed operation
  • switch between FFM p-port or mouthpiece under 2 minutes
  • One-way valves use low WOB CCR flapper valves
  • OC second stage uses Apeks parts for high performance and easy servicing.
  • One-way valves are interchangeable for left-to-right or right-to-left gas flow.
  • Hoses are easily removed from the BOV body for cleaning.
  • Attaches directly to Inspo/Evo threaded hose nuts
  • adapters for other hoses also available 
new features:
  • compact streamlined design
  • light-weight - under 1lb (453g)
  • 2nd stage is angled to prevent freeflow while on surface, in high flow or while scootering
  • built-in chin rest
  • revolutionary bayonet hose attachment system with safety lock
  • barrel sealing hose nipples allow hose adjustment during dive
  • bayonet attachments for all rebreathers on the market - buy one BOV attach to ANY CCR (or SCR)
  • screw-in lever to assist switching CC/OC in thick gloves. (sold separately)

 Download Shrimp BOV Manual

Shirmp WOB Chart

 Shrimp BOV and Drager Nova  Shrimp BOV and KM-48
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The BOV in the box is set up with gas flow from Left to Right.

!!! Always verify that the one-way valves are in the correct position to circulate gas according to your rebreather specifications!!! Failure to do so can result in serious injury or death!!!

Please check the manual for instructions on how to change the gas flow.

Select OC feed from Left or Right (the LP hose attachment to 2nd stage is not switchable from left to right on the Shrimp) 

OC feed from the Left
Regular Price: $890.00
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OC feed from the Right
Regular Price: $890.00
On Sale For: $790.00

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