Fill whip kit

Fill Whip Kit

A must have complement to our booster pumps. This fill whip will let you blend and transfill any gas used in diving.

This kit comes with 6 foot PTFE lined SS braided hose with male and female quick connect on each end respectively. This part includes a flow restrictor for safe Oxygen filling and a check valve to prevent backflow. Three different adapters can be attached; Helium/Argon handwheel, Oxygen handwheel, or DIN adapter with a bleed valve for transfills.

The other half of the kit has a 6 foot PTFE lined SS braided hose with a female quick connect on one end and a valve, 5000psi digital gauge (<1% accuracy, switchable between PSI and bar) and a DIN adapter with a bleed valve.

The two parts can either be connected together for partial pressure filling or can be hooked up to a booster pump (sold separately) for more advanced blending.

Fill Whip Kit
Price: $880.00

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