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Welcome to OxyCheq.  OxyCheq sells oxygen analyzers and  replacement oxygen sensors for all oxygen analyzers, PPO2 meters and rebreathers to the diving community.  OxyCheq have sensors for the Biomarine units, CIS-Lunar, CCR-2000, Inspiration, Steam Machines, KISS, Megalodon, Draeger, and home-builts.  OxyCheq also have oxygen sensors for every type of PPO2 meter such as the VR3, Draeger OxyGauge, Uwatec Oxy2, and Cochran.  They have replacement oxygen analyzer sensors for Analox, UBS, OMS, Scubapro, OxySpy, RC Dive Tech., Dive Rite VTI, MSA, Vandergraph, Teledyne, Hudson, Ohmeda and more.

OxyCheq sell a variety of diving equipment for the nitrox, technical and rebreather diver.  Some of the products and services include:

          Replacement oxygen sensors
          Oxygen Analyzers (OxyCheq Expedition, Expediton - X, Expedition PPO2, the
             El Cheapo II, Teledyne ADT-300 and MDT-300)
          Helium Analyzers (Expedition and Teledyne MixChek)
          CO Analyzer (Expedition)
          Rebreather parts and tools
          Wings for single and double cylinders as well as rebreathers
          Backplates and accessories
          Lift bags and surface marker buoys
          Reels and Spools
          Spare parts and accessories for oxygen analyzers

Emergency Dive System
Price: $40.00
Expedition - X Oxygen Analyzer
Regular Price: $310.00
On Sale For: $260.00
Expedition Sensor (O-13)
Price: $75.00
Expedition Carbon Monoxide Analyzer with Alarm
Regular Price: $400.00
On Sale For: $380.00
OxyCheq Expedition Helium Analyzer
Regular Price: $850.00
On Sale For: $630.00
OxyCheq Expedition Oxygen Analyzer
Regular Price: $319.00
On Sale For: $255.00