LED Lights


LED Primary Lights

The LED primary lights are available in 3 different power levels 9W, 12W, and 21W. The 9W, 12W and battery canisters for the 21W are machined from solid Delrin. The light heads for the 21W LED are machined from aluminum and than black hardcoated to allow for optimal heat sinking. All of the LED primary lights are warranted to a depth of 500' (150m).

A fixed focus design is incorporated into the light head to ensure the smallest size possible and all lights include a handle. For the 9W and 12W varieties an elastic hand mount is standard and the 21W is equipped with the hard Goodman.

Lithium (Ion for 9W and 12W, Polymer for 21W) batteries are utilized because of their optimal power rating and compact size. The batteries are contained in a canister that is sealed to prevent water intrusion due to an improperly latched lid or forgotten o-ring All lights include a universal charger that accepts an input voltage of 100V-220V with a 1.5aH output. The charger is delivered with a US input cord and adapters are available for Australia, Europe, and the UK.

In the 21W range of LED's switch pockets are recessed into the completely sealed dry lid for additional protection of the switch and boot. The dry lid also helps to ensure integrity of the light system in the unfortunate case of a cut cord or punctured switch boot.

ALL Light Monkey lights fall below the threshold mandated by TSA regarding Equivalent Lithium Content (ELC) and are both safe and allowed for air travel.