Q-Vest - Heating undergarment system with 28Ah battery pack

Q-Vest - Heating undergarment system with 28Ah battery pack

Q-Vest, drysuit heating system with 28Ah battery pack.

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The Q-vest is designed as a modular system consisting of a vest, bulkhead connector block and an external battery canister. This configuration allows diver to wear the vest under the drysuit without additional bulk and dangers associated with internal batteries.
The vest outer shell is made from abrasion and tear resistant cordura. Sewn-in are rubber coated heating element panels, 3 on the back and 2 on the front. The vest is designed to be worn over thin form fitting thermal wear and under the drysuit underwear. In this configuration the majority of the heat output is transferred directly on diver’s torso and the thick drysuit underwear keeps the heat in.    The vest is offered in two sizesLarge is 18 inches long from top of the shoulder to the bottom and XL is 22 inches long from top of the shoulder to the bottom

Bulkhead Connector Block
The bulkhead connector block is a screw-in part that is inserted under the drysuit inflator valve. There is no need to cut another hole in the drysuit when installing the Q-Vest. The profile of the drysuit inflator is raised by 3/4“ to accommodate the wet socket of the connector.  There are two sizes of the bulkhead connector 33mm thread diameter fits Scitech inflator valves and 36mm thread diameter fits Apeks/DUI valves. Measure diameter of your valve thread before ordering.  Available is also a combined inflator/bulkhead connector which comepletely replaces the drysuit valve (see manual for details).

Battery Canister
The stainless Steel battery canister has rotary switch and charging port. It is designed to mount on diver’s waist belt on the left or right side with screw-in wet plug cable comfortably reaching the socket on the bulkhead connector block. The rotary switch on the battery canister allows diver to set three levels of heat output as well as to completely switch the heat off. The Q-Vest is powered by 12V 28Ah LiIon battery pack providing several hours of comfortable heat output. 
Select correct valve thread diameter below
with 33mm dia buklhead
Price: $1,595.00
with 36mm dia bulkhead
Price: $1,595.00
with low profile Inflator/Buklhead combo
Price: $1,645.00

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