Carter Lift Bags - Personal Floats

Carter Lift Bags - Personal Floats

The Personal Floats (CBPF) may be the single most important pieces of diving equipment that you ever own. Detachable 12" x 12" dive flags on both sides of the float's top makes it highly visible for a considerable distance. Also a 2" wide reflective strip makes the floats highly visable at night. One-way oral inflation valve easily allows the diver to tightly inflate the float at the surface, while a one-way flapper valve allows air into the bottom of the float but not out. Over-pressure/dump valve vents excess air as the Personal Float ascends to the surface. The handle at the top of the float can be used to attach a light. The float is constructed out of very durable 400 denier poly-urethane coated nylon material. A velcro strip at the bottom holds the float in a tight roll when not in use. A four pound weight will make the personal float stand up vertically in the water. Personal floats are available in different buoyancies: 35 lbs lift, 50 lbs lift, and 75 lbs lift. The standard color is florescent yellow but they can also be made in bright red , blue, or black. You can specify these non-standard colors in the "special instructions" box at the end of the check out process.

The Super Sausages (CBSS) are totally enclosed safety sausages that should be part of every diver's equipment. They have an oral inflation valve, an overpressure/dump valve and a reflective strip at the top for high visability at night. They can be used as a signaling device or for extra floatation and also as a lift bag for raising items from deep water. Super Sausages are constructed from bright yellow 200 denier urethane-coated nylon fabric. They roll up into a much smaller roll than Personal Floats.

Model               lift [lbs]    bag size [in]    volume at surface [cu ft]
CBSS-20          20           75x3.5 dia           0.3
CBSS-25          25           96x3.5 dia           0.4

CBPF-35          35           72x4 dia              0.5

CBPF-50          50           120x4 dia             0.8

CBPF-75          75           90x5 dia               1.2
Price: $40.00
Price: $44.00
Price: $94.00
Price: $110.00
Price: $122.00

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