Flex CCR

Spare Parts and supplies for Flex CCR

Video instructions on the assembly of the unit

Flex CCR Assembly instructions from Jakub Rehacek on Vimeo.

Bare Flex CCR Head w/CL bulkheads + sensor carriage  +  9/16 O2 port
Price: $1,298.00
Golem Gear Sidemount DSV
Price: $560.00
Leaky valve - Straight
Price: $120.00
Medium  Golem Radial Scrubber
Regular Price: $650.00
On Sale For: $590.00
Oxygen Sensor 22-D
Regular Price: $110.00
On Sale For: $99.00
Shearwater HUD
Price: $890.00
Shearwater Petrel EXT with external PPO2 monitoring
Price: $1,189.00
Shrimp BOV for RB80
Regular Price: $880.00
On Sale For: $830.00